Private Walking Tours of New York City

Tour stops include*

New York City’s first protected Landmark District
Brooklyn Borough Hall (formerly City Hall)
The Brooklyn Historical Society
19th-century residential architectural featuring a wealth of styles (including Federal, Greek Revival, Victorian Gothic, Queen Anne, and Romanesque)
Some of the best-preserved wood-frame homes in the city
St. Ann and Holy Trinity Church
Townhouse of shipping magnate Abiel Abbot Low and Mayor Seth Low
The site of George Washington’s headquarters during the Battle of Brooklyn
The Esplanade overlooking the Manhattan skyline
Henry Ward Beecher’s Plymouth Church
The Brooklyn Bridge (tour participants can opt to end here in order to walk back to Manhattan on their own)

This tour features a number of historical illustrations that help trace the development of the neighborhood.

* all walking tour itineraries are subject to change

Exploring Historic


In the early Nineteenth Century, Brooklyn Heights—which stands on a bluff overlooking Wall Street—began its rise to prominence; nowhere in New York City can such a variety of important church and house architecture be seen. This tour focuses on the growth of the Heights from just a handful of large farms to a booming suburb, especially after the coming of Robert Fulton’s steam-powered ferry. The tour also looks at the area’s eventual connection—both physically and politically—to Manhattan after the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.


This tour lasts approximately two hours and costs a flat fee of $100 for groups of 1-4 people. For parties larger than 4 people, the cost is $25 per person. Please inquire about discounts for student groups or parties larger than 10 people.

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