Virtual Walks in New York City

Virtual tour pricing is based on the size of your group, the length of the presentation, and (to some extent) the technical demands of the presentation. Presentations begin at $150; please contact us with information about your needs and we'll quote you a price.

In-person tours begin at $200 per group. Contact us for details.

Stops included in each virtual tour are subject to change.


​Michelle Nevius Tours

greenwich village

outside Woody Guthrie's home in the West Village

For centuries, Greenwich Village has stood apart...

The area of Greenwich Village--once an actual village--has long been known for its tolerant and bohemian attitudes.

Not only has it been home to scores of famous artists and writers, it also contains some of the city's most important domestic architecture.

This tour focuses on historic Greenwich Village from its founding by the Native Americans through its role as a posh suburb in the 19th century to its eventual fame in the 20th century as America’s “Left Bank" and home to the Beat Poets and folk scene.

Featured on the tour:  Washington Square Park  * The Row (including the former home of Edith Wharton) * New York University * Washington Mews * West 10th Street's row of artists' studios and writers' homes * Jefferson Market Courthouse * Gay Street * Northern Dispensary * Stonewall Inn * Grove Court * Church of St. Luke in the Fields * The Cherry Lane Theatre * NYC's narrowest home * sites associated with Bob Dylan