New York might not be the birthplace of rock and roll music, but it's safe to say there'd be no rock music as we know it today if it weren't for NYC. From the stages of NBC and CBS that beamed rock music to world to the dive bars and folk clubs where bands honed their skills, New York and rock are intertwined.

This tour starts with a history of New York's influence on popular music in the 19th century then moves on to Tin Pan Alley and the big clubs in Harlem during Prohibition, all of which laid the foundation for rock music to arise in the 1950s.

Then, the tour switches to a geographical approach, beginning in Lower Manhattan and heading north as we look as famous (and not-so-famous) places and faces that shaped music in the city. The presentation is peppered with dozens of musical excerpts so you can hear the sound of rock evolve.

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The crowd at Paul SImon's 1991 concert in Central Park

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